Shiftal Coin VS Binance Coin
A crypto exchange is a platform that provides trading services to crypto investors and users. Exchanges might launch their own token in a bid to make payments easier for their users (traders). Binance Coin and Shiftal Coin are two of the fast-growing exchange coins that we are going to talk about today. What is an Exchange Coin? An exchange coin is like a standard cryptocurrency that is based on blockchain and created with a specific
Shiftal Coin Distribution
Shiftal Coin is the native coin for the Shiftal peer-to-peer exchange platform. It’s a TRC20 token based on the TRON blockchain and has a very low transaction fee with super fast speed. The primary goal of the launch of the Shiftal Coin was to reward our exchange users for their loyalty as well as to provide a means for easy and fast payment of trading fees on the Shiftal exchange. At the same time, traders
Shiftalcoin Phase-2 Private Sale is Live
The phase 2 sale of Shiftal coin is live. Those who missed the opportunity to buy Shiftal Coin during the first sale can buy now before 31st October. Find out complete details here. What is Shiftal Coin Private Sale Phase 2? The Shiftal coin (SFL) sale will be held in multiple stages. Private sale phase 1 has ended successfully and the phase 2 sale is live now. The thing to note here is that the
Why Trust Shiftal Coin for Investment

Why Trust Shiftal Coin (SFL) for Investment?

Posted on September 2, 2021

When buying any new asset or investing in a project for the first time, we all wonder whether this would turn out to be the right choice. Shiftal Coin is one such digital currency asset that investors are talking about and many have already purchased it. However, there are also investors who are worried about the future scope and potential of this coin. For all those and many others, here we talk about the top
How to Participate in Shiftal Coin Private Sale (Phase 1)
Shiftal Coin Private Sale Phase 1 is live now. Shiftal coin has been launched at and is now being sold through the private sale phase 1 round. If you are planning to buy the Shiftal coin, this is the best time. Go to the website and participate in Shiftal Coin IEO now. Why should you buy Shiftal Coin? Be part of the community Be part of the innovative and growing community of Shiftal users

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