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Shiftal Coin Distribution – How & Where Shiftal Coins are Allocated

Shiftal Coin is the native coin for the Shiftal peer-to-peer exchange platform. It’s a TRC20 token based on the TRON blockchain and has a very low transaction fee with super fast speed.

The primary goal of the launch of the Shiftal Coin was to reward our exchange users for their loyalty as well as to provide a means for easy and fast payment of trading fees on the Shiftal exchange. At the same time, traders can avail exciting discounts on fees when using Shiftal coin for payment.

Here’s everything you need to know about Shiftal Coin Distribution.

Shiftal Coin Distribution/Allocation

The total or maximum supply of Shiftal coins is fixed, and there can never be more SFL than this number. Post the IEO sale, Shiftal coin will be distributed among investors, teams, private sale, public sale, etc. in a predefined manner, as follows:

  • IEO Private Sale – 15%
  • IEO Public Sale – 25%
  • Founding Team – 25%
  • Partners & Angel Investors – 10%
  • Research & Development – 5%
  • Shiftal Eco System & Legal – 10%
  • Marketing & Airdrop – 10%

Shiftal coin total supply – 300 million

IEO Private Sale – 15%

15% of all Shiftal coins are reserved for the private sale, i.e. these tokens will be distributed among the participants of the IEO private sale, which is running now. A maximum of 15% = 45 million SFL can be purchased during the private sale.

IEO Public Sale

25% of all Shiftal coins will be distributed/sold during the IEO public sale, which starts next month. 25% = 75 million SFL coins will be on sale during the public sale. If not all coins are sold, the remaining will be removed from the supply.

Founding Team

25% of the total SFL coin supply is reserved for the founding team, i.e. the core team of Shiftal. These coins will be distributed among the core team, who can use their coins for holding, investing or trading. The reserve coins will ensure a healthy demand-supply of SFL in the market.

Partners & Angel Investors

10% of all Shiftal coins are reserved for project partners and angel investors. Angel investors are people or partners who financially supported the project during the development stage. All these angel investors will receive a fixed number of coins. 10% = 30 million SFL reserved for partners and angel investors.

Research & Development

5% of Shiftal coin (SLF) is reserved for research and development. These coins will be kept in a separate account and will only be used for the purpose of R&D for the Shiftal project and products. If required, the coins will be exchanged for cash, which will be used to meet the R&D needs of the project.

Shiftal Eco System & Legal

10% of the coins are reserved to be used for the purpose of other ecosystem and legal related expenses. These coins will be liquidated, as and when needed, and the cash will be used to meet the expenses as they come.

Marketing & Airdrop

10% of all SFL coins are designated to be used exclusively for product marketing, including airdrop and giveaways. These coins will be used to promote the Shiftal exchange on different platforms and using a variety of paid options. Shiftal will occasionally conduct airdrop and bounty programs and reward participants with free coins.
For more information about the Shiftal coin, IEO and distribution, visit Shiftal coin private sale phase 2 ends in 31 days. Buy SFL today!


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