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ShiftalCoin Phase 2 Private Sale is Live Now. Here’s All You Need to Know

The phase 2 sale of Shiftal coin is live. Those who missed the opportunity to buy Shiftal Coin during the first sale can buy now before 31st October. Find out complete details here.

What is Shiftal Coin Private Sale Phase 2?

The Shiftal coin (SFL) sale will be held in multiple stages. Private sale phase 1 has ended successfully and the phase 2 sale is live now.

The thing to note here is that the Shiftal coin price will increase with each sale. So, the earlier you buy, the best price you can get. Now is the best time to buy the Shiftal coin in the Phase 2 sale at the lowest price.


Shiftal coin private sale is live now on the official website –

To buy the coin, one needs to register on the Shiftalcoin website.

Shiftcal coin can be purchased with Bitcoin, ETH, USDT and other options available on the website. Make sure to use the correct website address and avoid fake websites with similar name/s. Check the Shiftal logo before buying.

Coin Price

For the private sale phase 2, the Shiftal coin price has been revised to INR 8 per SFL coin.

This price is exclusive for the phase 2 sale and may be revised again in the upcoming token sales.


Shiftal coin private sale phase 2 is scheduled from 15th September to 31st October.

Anyone who buys the token during this period will be eligible for the exclusive price of INR 8 per SFL.

Join Shiftal Coin Private Sale Phase-2

Why participate in Shiftal Coin Private Sale Phase 2?

Shiftcal coin was created as the native cryptocurrency for the Shiftal Exchange. The primary role of the coin is to provide a secure and convenient option for users to pay the platform fee when trading on the Shiftal Exchange.

Shiftal is a global cryptocurrency exchange that provides peer-to-peer crypto trading services to users in more than 200 countries. Shiftal is also one of the first exchanges to allow purchasing of cryptocurrencies with 70+ payment options, including Shiftal coin. When using Shiftal coin to pay for their order, traders will get a discount on fees. The actual discount value and offers will be revealed once the Shiftcal coin is officially launched post the sale.

Now is the best time to buy the Shiftcal coin as the coin price is the lowest it will ever be. The first phase sale was immensely successful and we expect the same kind of response from phase 2. Do hurry and buy Shiftal coin at the special price and win up to 8% commission on your purchase.

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