Why Trust Shiftal Coin (SFL) for Investment?

When buying any new asset or investing in a project for the first time, we all wonder whether this would turn out to be the right choice. Shiftal Coin is one such digital currency asset that investors are talking about and many have already purchased it. However, there are also investors who are worried about the future scope and potential of this coin. For all those and many others, here we talk about the top reasons why you can absolutely trust the Shiftal Coin.

Let’s begin with the basics.

What is Shiftal Coin?

Shiftal Coin (SFL) is a digital currency created and launched as the native coin for the Shiftal peer to peer cryptocurrency exchange. As a Utility Token for Shiftal Exchange, SFL would be primarily used for paying the trading fees and platform charges on the Shiftal platform, for which users can avail exciting discounts on fees.

What is Shiftal Coin

Shiftal Coin has been launched exclusively for traders and users on the Shiftal Exchange platform, providing them with a fast and convenient method to pay the platform fee, and receive attractive discounts while doing so.

Later on, the team also plans to launch Shiftal Debit Cards, which can be purchased using SFL coins and would be usable for online/offline payments across a variety of merchants.

Shiftal is a new project still in the development stage. The exchange was launched about a year back, with the purpose to make it easy for anyone to buy cryptocurrencies using as many as 70 payment methods. This is a peer-to-peer exchange where users deal directly with each other and can make payments for trades using any of the available options. Shiftal uses the Escrow service to protect the payments and interests of the platform users.

Shiftal has made it possible for thousands of crypto beginners in all corners of the world to buy cryptocurrencies using their local currencies and payment options.

Why You Can Trust Shiftal Coin

All Shiftal users will get a discount on the platform charges when they pay using the Shfital Coin.

But, this isn’t the only reason why you should trust or buy SFL.

Shiftal Coin is the native cryptocurrency of the Shiftal Exchange, which is one of the fastest-growing P2P crypto exchanges in the world. Shiftal provides services to crypto users in 200+ countries and is already being used by thousands of users worldwide. As the platform grows, so will the demand and value of the native SFL coin.

We all have seen what happened with the Binance Coin – the native coin for the Binance Exchange. The exchange has registered tremendous growth in the past few years, and the value of its native coin also increased exponentially during this period. Expecting the same kind of growth for the SFL coin would not be overstating.

Best of all, both the Shiftal Exchange and the coin are backed by a brilliant team of passionate crypto developers and enthusiasts, who are well-known in the industry and are trusted by investors and traders globally. Thanks to this trust, many institutional investors and companies are already showing interest in partnering with or investing in the Shiftal project.

Don’t be late. Invest now and get the early-bird benefits. Buy SFL coin at an attractive Private Sale price.


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